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Public Computers and Internet Policies


The library cannot guarantee that information found through the internet is either accurate, authoritative or factual. Users, not the library, are responsible for the sites they access.

Parents or guardians of children are responsible for children’s use of the internet. As with other library material, any restriction of children’s access is the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

Internet Privileges

For children under 12, it is the supervising parent, or responsible adult, who signs in to use the computer. One child may share the computer under their supervision. When the parent leaves the computer the session is over for both.

For youth ages 12-17, a parent/legal guardian must come to the library to register the youth to use the internet by signing a “parental permission agreement.” People ages 12-17 must present their library card each time they log in.

Time Limits

Maximum of 60 minutes per day. As long as there are no others waiting, you may stay on the computer for as long as an additional 30 minutes. If you are asked to get off before 60 minutes elapses, you may sign-up for another turn to complete the maximum 60 minutes allowed.


  • Do not send, receive, or display inappropriate text or graphics that may be reasonably construed as obscene. Pender County Public Library reserves the right to terminate any patron’s internet access, either temporarily or permanently, if screen displays are unreasonably disturbing or offensive to patrons or staff.
  • No more than two people per computer, preferably a parent or caregiver with child.
  • Staff will not set up email accounts for patrons, though they can answer questions to help.
  • All outstanding fines need to be paid before using use the public computers.
  • Privileges may be suspended immediately if a patron tries to alter software or hardware.